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David Melniczek, MD, FACS

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Awake Minimal Sedation

Although many cosmetic surgeries are routinely performed with patients asleep under general anesthesia, those procedures can be complicated by postoperative nausea and vomiting brought on by the anesthesia in up to 30% of cases.  It also exposes patients to much less common but more serious risks and side effects.  

Dr. Mel specializes in performing safe cosmetic surgery using minimal awake sedation.  This allows you to undergo your surgery without having to worry about the risks and side effects or costs of general anesthesia.    

Utilizing a unique combination of holistic techniques and medications to induce deep relaxation, Dr. Mel can usually perform your surgery with little discomfort while you are awake and talking.    
Dr. Mel relies on his 20 years of surgical experience to deliver quality.  He uses meticulous surgical technique and new technology so that a majority of his surgeries can be performed on comfortable awake patients.  Even removing large amounts of skin from patients after weight loss surgery.  

If this is something you have been told is not possible, fill out our form and schedule a complimentary online consultation with our surgeon to see if you are a candidate for awake minimal sedation cosmetic surgery.